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About Ice Chest Radios

Ice Chest Radios LLC was started in 2009, with 5 Ice Chest Radio Rental's, along the Amite River at Tiki Tubing, to provide people with amazing sound, and a functional Ice Chest all in one. We ended up renting over 50 Ice Chest Radio's at the 3 major tubing rivers in Louisiana by the end of the summer.

We then perfected our layout's, equipment, and model's, to provide the best quality and sound in the real life enviornments that IceChestRadios are used in. After the second summer of tubing river rental's, we branch out to renting along the entire 22 miles of Panama City Beach, Florida. Ice Chest Radios were also rented at the 2 major Marina's in PCB, Fl as well.

During the winter of the second rental season, we designed the website, and started providing the world with the highest quality, loudest, functional, warrantied Ice Chest Radios on the market. Providing Jim Beam, Snap-On tools, and some of the world's largest corporations with the world's best Cooler Radio's, we quickly established ourselves as the best of the best custom Cooler Stereo manufacturer's in the world.

We then opened the world's only Ice Chest Radio Retail Store and showroom. We produce 1000's of fully funcitonal custom Cooler Radio's every year. We also rent hundred's of Cooler Stereo's across the Gulf South all summer.

Ice Chest Radios prides itself on the quailty of it's product's and its customer service.

Cooler Radio's are ALL WE DO!!



WHY IceChestRadios.Net?


We are the world's largest IceChestRadio manufacturers. Building Cooler Radio's for some of the largest corporations on earth. We manufacture the ONLY professionally built, useable, warrantied, loudest IceChestRadios on the market. We rent them from PCB Florida, to the tubing rivers in Louisiana. So you can rest assured they're tried and true, in the roughest conditions possible. Building over 5,000 IceChestRadios every year, we provide our clients with the best product possible, for years of endless use.


P.S. These are NOT homemade, nor do they compare in any way to a homemade model they're retail ready, functional IceChestRadios, warrantied, and designed for tubing, beaches, sports, and all other outdoor events.




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